If you’ve come to this blog, you’re a little early. Things are just getting up to speed at the moment, but hopefully something worth a look at should be up in the next few days.

The intention is to start some form of ‘discussion’ about god. Trying to present bible ideas as the New Testament authors thought about them — free from the church agenda that has, largely corrupted things for the last 1700 years or so. Ultimately, what you do with this is between you and god, rather than you and some person or organisation.

I’m on this journey too, so I’m certainly not asking you to believe me or conform to what I think is right. What I believed 10 years ago is not what I believe now, and not what I believed 10 years before that… So please feel free to join in with the discussion and the journey, from where you’re at now: with the people you talk with, and within whatever your community is.

And please be patient as things take their time to come together on this blog. When you start reading posts, there will be some big statements that may not make sense until more essays are posted bringing some more context.

Thanks for your time, and welcome to the return…